Laura is a conceptual creative director who bases her approach on relevance and human truths. She guides brands, celebrities, agencies, and institutions worldwide on their communication strategies and creative direction, curating their brand positioning, tone of voice, storytelling, and visual style. Her extensive travels and residences in Rome, Milan, London, Tokyo, New York, and Paris have provided her with a broad global perspective and deep knowledge of various markets, languages, and cultures. Laura has worked across diverse industries such as luxury, lifestyle, mass market, beauty, fashion, travel, and more. However, she is most highly valued for her sensitivity towards women related projects, making her a sought-after consultant for top brands and celebrities globally. Her creative leadership has guided numerous projects related to women's and young girls' confidence, empowerment, and well-being, especially over the seven years she worked as creative director for worldwide famous supermodel and activist Natalia Vodianova. She has helped shape the communication positioning of top established brands as well as new emerging ones across different markets. She has contributed to the worldwide development of Airbnb through their most significant and renowned creative campaigns. As a natural leader and team builder, Laura possesses strong management skills and has a remarkable ability to establish deep, meaningful connections with the people she works with. With 20 years of experience in advertising and communications, she inspires brands to become culturally relevant and connected to their audiences through creativity.