Client ··············· Airbnb
Product ··········· AirCover
Market ············· Global

Media ··············· Online Video

A miniature, architectural dreamland built entirely by hand while a cast of composited CG characters revel in the joys of a stress-free vacation thanks to AirCover, the most comprehensive protection in travel. A challenging transcreation project localised for Australia, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Italy and Canada.

AirCover - Our Word 🇺🇸







VP Creative: Scott Trattner
VP Creative: Eric Grunbaum
Director, Brand Creative: Rey Andrade
Creative Director: Joe Sayaman
Creative Director: Hoj Jomehri
Creative Director (International): Ed Vince
Creative Lead (International): Guy Bingley
Creative Lead (International): Laura Sordi
Creative Lead (International): Iain Nevill
Copywriter (FR): Antoine Gauquelin
Copywriter (DE): David Nicolas Akuffo
Copywriter (CA FR): Sarah Parezeau
Copywriter (ES): Nicole Jaramillo
Copywriter (IT): Susana Cristalli
Production: Buck
Audio Post-Production (International): ClearCut