Client ··············· Airbnb
Product ··········· Made Possibe by Hosts
Market ············· Global

Media ··············· TVC and Online Video

‘Made possible by Hosts’ campaign was born to tell the authentic travel stories of real Airbnb guests within the homes available through the Airbnb platform. The TVC and online video of Bonnie and Clyde has been localised in Spain, Italy, France and United Kingdom and Canada, finding in each country a different and fun way to express the original idea of ‘baecation’.

Bonnie and Clyde 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 🇦🇺





Scott Trattner - VP of Creative
Eric Grunbaum - VP of Creative
Bekah Sirrine - Dir. of Brand Creative
Rey Andrade - Dir. of Brand Creative
Bridget Harris - Dir. of Photography
Buzzy Cohen - Music Supervision
Quinn Donnell - Music
Michelle Le - Photo
Ryan Devisser - Photo
Demian Oliveira - Art
Hoj Jomehri - Art
Isabella Hiew - Copy
Adam Hobbs - Art
Dillon Petrillo - Art
Anders Ericsson - Art
Nick Gelbard - Copy
Elly Holdeman - Art
Ginger Robinson - Copy
Ed Vince - Creative Director (International) 
Guy Bingley - Creative Lead (International)
Laura Sordi - Creative Lead (International)
Antoine Gauquelin - Copywriter (FR)
Sarah Parezeau - Copywriter (CA FR)
Nicole Jaramillo - Copywriter (ES)
Susana Cristalli - Copywriter (IT)