Client ·············· Nike Women
Market ············ Japan
Media ·············· Integrated
The goal was to get more young Japanese women to start running with Nike+. But there were some big issues to solve: Japanese girls are not very interested in running, their approach to sport is different from the Western one. For instance, they are not keen to build on muscles because they prioritise their femininity and graceful body. The product also had a big resistance: Nike+ was perceived as a cold technology, impersonal, definitely not making running more appealing to women. It was necessary to position running at a different level, as a journey of change. A life experience able to transform women and make them stronger, more capable to meet their life goals.

The concept was launched on social networks and outdoors to inspire the girls and build awareness.

We have implemented a Facebook app able to transform all the NIke+ impersonal and cold data into a personal story for each woman using it.

Run after run, the app would compose their personal running diary, generating a video they could share to show their journey of change.

We have promoted it on social networks to recruit more women for the Nagoya Marathon.